Tuesday, 21 February 2017


You’re beautiful, strong, fearless and courageous
The way you carry yourself says a lot about you
Carry yourself with dignity and pride
Never be afraid to shine, don’t ever put yourself in a corner
Speak your mind without hurting others in the process
Respect yourself and others will respect you
Love yourself first so you can love others
Be confident and love the skin you’re in
There is nothing wrong with you
You’re fearfully and wonderfully made
Your life is precious, you’re one of a kind
Value yourself
Love yourself enough to know when to walk away
You will fall but you will keep rising never stay down
Remember you don’t need anything but everything needs you
You were created for a great destiny
Without you the world wouldn’t be the same
You make a difference just by being in this world
You’re a strong woman and I salute you
A queen is what you are stand and claim your throne
Queens raise queens 

The End

Thank you for reading and sharing I appreciate you. Come again soon

Photo Credit: Washington Gwande
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