Wednesday, 7 November 2018


Your comfort zone and your destiny are separated by a desert. Between little Joseph the dreamer boy and Joseph the governor there is betrayal, persecution, false accusations and prison. Between bondage in Egypt to Canaan, the land of milk of honey there is a desert with trials testing obedience, loyalty and trust in God.

You cannot pray away betrayal, persecution and trials that come as speed humps and steep slopes in the road to your destiny; you go through them. You can only pray for strength, endurance and grace to take you through your desert. How you behave and react when adversity befalls you, determines whether or not you finish your race strong. At some point the Israelites wished they could go back to Egypt where there was abundance of garlic and onions. The test of trusting God for provision was becoming too hard for them and they reminisced the minute pleasures of the comfort zone that they had left.

You are Joseph. You have a dream, a vision, a purpose. Persecution will come, but you have to persevere to see your dream come to fruition.

Don't allow what you are going through to be written all over your face, Keep on smiling even in tough times knowing one day I am coming out of this as a Victor.

Thank you Ngoni for allowing me to share this powerful message on my Corner.

Thank you all for reading and please do share you never know who might need this message today.

I appreciate you.

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